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Newbie Pets


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Newbie Pets

Post by Rose on Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:57 am


The NPCs have kindly given me some pets to give away for people to collect. But remember you can only take one of these many pets.
You will still be able to buy the others in the shop though. But its going to be quite pricey. So make sure you save up on Roses well and keep an eye out for any special ways to get some more fast.

Choose Wisely your first life long companion. Don't worry about feeding him / her either. They are well taken care of by the site gnomes Wink (Really we have 0 code for them they are just pictures to collect pretty much..but shh you didn't hear that from me Razz )




Remember you can only choose one so choose wisely.
As soon as you have your first pet we will create a Pet showroom for you, and every new pet you get will be added there.
You can display a mini version of some pets on your profile by contacting us. (not tested yet)

Remember: DO NOT take your pets OUTSIDE of the site. They don't like it much outside of their home ;P

The only things allowed to be taken out of this site is commissions from other members unless they say otherwise.

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