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How to Earn Roses


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How to Earn Roses

Post by Rose on Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:15 pm

You will be able to earn roses in multiple ways. Look out for contests and events to earn some more. As it is you will earn 1 point for every post on forums, 1 for every profile message, 10 for every new friend, 5 every day since registration, 2 for every created topic (some forums its 3 for every created topic)

If you want to earn some Roses now, you can claim your newbie bundle if you're a new member and get 500 Roses. Or you can tweet about our site or make a tumblr or google+ post and give us a link to the tweet, Google+ post or tumblr post below and earn 100 right now (or 300 if you do all three). You also can get rewards from referring friends (Please Refer to the Referral Topic in the Site Related Things Forum)

If you follow the sites twitter & google+ (here: Site Twitter Site Google+)  you can earn 50 Roses EACH if you tell us the name of your twitter / Google+ account below or provide us a screenshot of proof. Remember we can see how many followers we have so don't try to trick us.  Wink (if you unfollow right after we will take back the roses if you already have received them or we just wont give them to you)

Just from doing all listed in red you can earn 900 Roses within a couple of minutes (and will receive them as soon as an admin is online)

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