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Referral Program


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Referral Program

Post by Rose on Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:37 pm

When you Refer your friends you can earn rewards, all you BOTH have to do is fill out a forum below.

Referred Forum:
Referred By: (only if you were the one referred You'd put who on the site referred you here)
Date of Joining: (Date you joined the site)
Do you have more than one account: (Be honest because if we find out you do the rewards will be taken back from BOTH of you at a later date and you'll get a warning point for abusing the system across ALL your accounts 10 warning points and you're banned. If you want to avoid the warning point then be honest now. If your friend tries to claim said reward they will not be able to if you have an account previously as its not a real Referral.)

Referrer Forum:
Referred: (only if you were the referrer, you'd put who you referred to the site here)
Date of Referral: (the date you Referred the site to the friend)
Current Number of Referrals: (We need you to keep track of how many ppl you Refer to the site so you can gain the appropriate rewards)

Referral Rewards:
1 Friend Referred - 100 Roses
3 Friends Referred - 300 Roses
5 Friends Referred - 500 Roses
10 Friends Referred - 500 Roses and a Special Badge
20 Friends Referred - A Special Rank of your choice that does not go against our rules + a Special Referral Only Pet
20+ Friends Referred - 50 Roses for each friend Referred
100+ Friends Referred - 50% discount on NPC shops for a year, A special trophy, and you and your site (a site that doesn't conflict with our rules.) get to be on our V.I.P List Under Site Related Things (If you break the rules or act better than other members your discount will be revoked and you will be taken off the list. We will not tolerate arrogance, bullying or harassment. You are not immune to punishment)

Referred Rewards:
1st person to be Referred by Someone on the site since launch - 500 Roses
Referred by Someone who has Referred 0 People - 100 Roses
Referred by Someone who has Referred 5 or more People - 150 Roses
Referred by Someone who has Referred 10 or more People - 200 Roses

Please Note: The rewards are subject to change at any point in time however it will not affect rewards pending claim. As long as your forum was submitted BEFORE the change you can claim the rewards prior to the change.

    Current date/time is Fri Dec 14, 2018 2:21 am