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Welcome to the Member shops


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Welcome to the Member shops

Post by Rose on Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:36 pm

Welcome to the Member shops~

Do you have a service you want to sell for Roses? Such as drawings? or even code? Well then this forum is for you! All transactions have to be handled by an Admin as there is no way to make it so a member at this time can transfer Roses to another member. So if you wish to have a shop, you must fill out the following form then create your shop when you've been given the OK. Everytime you need a transaction handled please be sure to PM an Admin.
(if you have given someone what they requested and they have not contacted us to pay you. please send us a message with a screenshot as proof you sent it already to that person)

If you get any requests that break the rules please report the post made by the person who requested it and an Admin or Moderator will take action as soon as possible. DO NOT fulfill any requests that break the rules or you too will be punished. If you have to go on a break for any reason please edit your Topic Title to include: Haitus. If you wish to close your shop please message an Admin.

Services you will provide:
Will you be active on the site?:
Will you be running your shop with anyone else? If so list them: (You can do this by using @. If there is a space in their name please note you MUST have " after the @ and at the end of the name like

@"Bob Ross"
also do not ask why i went for that it was the first thing that came to mind)
Your number of Roses:
Your Username:

If you do choose to make a shop and we give you the ok it will cost you 300 Roses to open one. (Which you can get by going to the newbie bundle topic in the introductions forum and posting "I'm New and I will respect the site rules")

We will keep a list of shop owners AND add links to their shops in this topic. Should we ever manage to figure out a way to make it so members can transfer roses on their own we will open shops up for people to freely create. Until then things will be like this. If any of you however know how to code and have a working code that can work with the points system built into the site. Feel free to PM me it. I will test it out on a forum for testing and then If it works I'll add it to this forum.

List of Shop owners

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