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Site Rules


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Site Rules

Post by Rose on Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:33 am

Incase you have forgotten or just couldn't be bothered reading when signing up.                          

  • No Sexual Content.


  • Please Note: Some swear words are prohibited and replaced, others are censored by filters. Attempting to get around the filters is prohibited


  • Trying to evade bans or assist a user in evading a ban is prohibited

  • Linking to sites not on the list below publicly is prohibited


  • Falsely reporting another user is prohibited

  • Giving out personal information publicly is prohibited

  • Lieing about your age to moderators / the admin is prohibited


  • You MUST speak in english as the staff does not know any other languages

  • You must be 13+ to use the site

  • You cannot take anything out of this site other than commissions by other members unless they say otherwise.

  • Using copyrighted images or material of any kind is forbidden (Please avoid using pictures from tv shows or games that are not made by you. If you use a picture from a game of a char you made or from a doll creator PROVIDE CREDIT SOMEWHERE)                                          

 ALLOWED SITES TO LINK AND EMBED                                          

  • Polyvore

  • Rinmaru, Dolldivine, Azalea's Dolls and Dreamselfy

  • Youtube & Soundcloud (english only videos / music unless there is translations provided (exception for admins / moderators). You CAN have songs with swearing. You CANNOT have songs that are sexual or promoting illegal acts or have excessive swearing. (Violence in a video or running from cops, etc I don't consider as promotion of an act as its only a music video.) no gore. If you're not sure of a video either dont post it OR ask an Admin or Moderator)

  • Deviant Art, Imgur, & Photobucket (only pics that are appropriate. All important bits must be covered with clothing. No provocative pictures. I don't care if its "artistic nudity" its not allowed here.)       

For more info please go to the FAQ and if the FAQ does not answer all your questions please send them to a moderator / admin OR go to our askfm at

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