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Staff Applications


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Staff Applications

Post by Rose on Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:43 pm

If you wish to apply for a moderator or support position
Have 20 members (3+ Months old) or one long standing staff member (6+ Months) Send me a message recommending you with a list of reasons WHY they do (or take a site wide vote and get half to say yes)
Never been banned or warned
Be atleast a 2 month old account
Be 16+ Years Old IRL
Be an Active site member

Once all of these are fulfilled you will have a 1 week OR LONGER test run (depending on how long I think I need to watch you) and if you do well you can stay a moderator / support
(YOU CAN lose your moderator / support position if you abuse it)

I know its a lot of work, BUT its necessary to keep the members safe from those who would be sly to get what they want. POWER.
Please understand, thank you.

Artist / Writer / Coder
Be atleast 1 month old account
Be 16+ Years old IRL
Have Examples of your work for me to see (and if you code please make a tutorial on how to use it bc I need tutorials I dont code)
A staff recommendation or 10 Member recommendations

If you wish to Apply to be a helper
Be atleast a 1 month old account
Be a Semi-Active site member
Never been Banned or Warned (exception if you were warned ONCE and you had made a mistake)

Post below your application
(if you wish to apply we will check your age ourselves. We will not accept you if your birthday on your profile is not filled FULLY (with year) out unless you're applying for a helper)

Note: There is no payment involved the staff is made up of volunteers all you'll get is a new name color bc of the group you will be put in and if you're a moderator / support you'll get some power for managing the users behaviour. Please see the staff list page if you wish to know what each staff does. That is all, thank you.

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